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Do you want to hire top talent from around the world?

Since 2011, we have been a trusted partner to 3,000+ leading employers worldwide. We help you to hire talent, presenting you with pre-vetted candidates. You decide who to interview and bring on board. Recruiting interns has never been more straightforward.

How we support your organization

1. Reach pre-vetted, diverse, global talent at scale
We partner with leading universities on every continent.

  • 10,000+ global alumni
  • 150+ nationalities
  • 27% meet our indicators of socio-economic disadvantage

2. All industries
Find interns in 20+ industries / career fields.

3. Hire remote interns & in-person interns
We help host organizations in 150+ countries to hire remote interns. We help host organizations in 30+ global cities to hire in-person interns.

4. Hire talent all-year-round
Get an intern at any time of the year.

5. Convenience
Recruit full-time and part-time interns, available from 10 hours up to 40 hours per week. Internship duration lasts from 1 month up to 6 months.

6. Our service is free to find interns
Our service of sourcing interns for you is free. We do encourage you to offer remuneration to our talented interns.

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Find interns from the world’s leading universities. Our service is free and straightforward.

Find interns with us - reach pre-vetted, diverse, global talent

Read our white paper, co-authored with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), on The Future of Work and the key to hiring the best emerging global talent.

We partner with 100+ of the world’s best universities including

How it works

Our 3 Step Process

Get in touch

Fill in the form at the top of this page and schedule a call with our team.

Select your intern(s)

Review hand-selected interns from our global talent pool, interview and decide who to bring on board.

See your organization thrive

Your chosen intern(s) start their internship. You receive ongoing support throughout from our dedicated account managers.

Trusted by 3000+ leading organizations who hire interns

A global community & continuous personalized support

Interns access a community full of inspiring speakers, events and talented peers from all over the world- everything is designed to build their skills and confidence – and their impact on your organization.

Interns also receive continuous support before, during and after the internship to ensure they are engaged and productive. This includes:
– A dedicated experience manager
– Unlimited access to our award-winning professional development curriculum

Meanwhile, your organization receives ongoing one to one support throughout the internship from one of our dedicated placement advisors. We are experts on how to hire interns successfully, how to make the most out of these experiences and how to build your future talent pipeline.

Build your team
View the internship as an “extended interview” with the potential to hire at the end.
– 22% of our host organizations offer full-time employment to their interns.

Our service is free to find interns
Our service of sourcing interns for you is free.
We do encourage you to offer remuneration to our talented interns.

Join our 3,000+ host organization partners

”I have been partnering with The Intern Group since 2015. I strongly believe in The Intern Group’s team, which will always screen their intern candidates conscientiously and provide the best possible talent for us. When we identified the right hire, The Intern Group always provided strong support and regular updates, ensuring that organizations did not need to worry about the onboarding logistics”

Kristy LAM, Regional Human Resources Manager, Carrefour Global Sourcing (Asia) Limited

Named amongst the world’s best Education Technology companies by


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